At First Page we cook with seasonal products, so our menu changes regularly. Therefore we work with a talking menu! The waiter will gladly tell you the dishes you can choose from today.

Below you’ll find an impression of the kind of dishes we serve. But remember… the menu can vary any day, so it’s best to come along and listen to our waiters!


Tom Kah kai soep – €7,50

Watermelon salad with goatcheese - €9,50

Ceasar Salad salade with gamba’s or smoked chicken - €9,50

Carpaccio of duck with raspberry dressing - €11,50

Tuna Tataki with wasabi-soy mayo and wakamé - €12,50

Mushrooms à la escargots - €8,50

Small cheesefondue – €8,50

Main courses

Spicy Mexican chicken dish €15,00

Sateh of chickenthigh €15,00

First Page burger €15,00

Small pieces of sirloin in soy sauce - €18,50

Tournedos with stroganoff sauce - €21,50

Leg of lamb with a honey thyme gravy €21,50

Butterfish with an lobster beurre blanc €18,50

Fish stew with cod, salmon and shrimps €18,50

Tagliatelle with grilled vegetables and blue cheese (vegetarian) €16,50


New York style cheesecake €7,50

Amarene sorbet with fruits €7,50

Crème brûlée €6,50

Chocolate cake out of the oven €8,50

Dame Blanche with warm chocolate sauceand French pastry €7,50

Strawberry Romanov €8,50

Cheese platter €10,50